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Photo by Michelia Kramer
I am a British-born actor based in the Netherlands.
I work in film, TV, theatre, voice over and performance art.  
I've been described as "...assertive and articulate with an infectious enthusiasm..."
I often play  powerful yet empathic professionals with an unexpected quirky side
 Loveday IS actually my real name, in case you were wondering... 
The name is Cornish. I'm not Cornish though,  I'm from Yorkshire
I have a British passport and European residency
My mother tongue is English, and I speak conversational Dutch and French
Photo by Michelia Kramer
Photo by Michelia Kramer
I enjoy playing the trumpet and I practise yoga  daily.
I have not yet attempted to do these things simultaneously.
I love being outdoors 
If you see me out walking with the dog and talking to myself, don't be alarmed...
it's how I learn my lines
I love to tell stories, whether in front of a camera, on stage or behind a microphone
My favourite stories are those that don't begin or end where you'd expect.
I'm interested in the layers that make up a story, a character or an experience.
What's not expressed is sometimes the most interesting.
Photo by Michelia Kramer
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